Product Categories

Our vision is to give all Pick-up drivers the possibility to optimize their car for their needs. Whether it is for tough work or just taking your family and friends on a new adventure.  

Our passion is to give solutions for pick up drivers to protect their gear.  

Vindic has developed and produced the highest quality hardtops for professional use since the mid 80’s. The hardtops are developed and designed in Sweden and the production facilities are based in northern Europe. These handmade hardtops are developed for the tough conditions of the Nordic countries. The robustness of Vindic products makes them ideal for both hard work and to protect valuable gear.  

To protect your gear from all kind of elements while keeping the unique design of the pickup we partner with world leading companies like Mountaintop and Almeco. Almeco offers hard aluminum lids that endure really tough conditions and Mountaintop is market leader for rolltops. 

In line with our vision, we offer accessories tailored to your needs. To enhance both safety and design Vindic offers solutions like bullbars and lights from high quality companies.